Our Story

Starry Brook Farm

​Born out of our love of alpaca and traditional Fiber Arts, Starry Brook Farm has become a farm where animals are lovingly raised so their fleece can be transformed into yarn. After traveling the countryside and visiting numerous farms, we decided to build a home where we celebrate what it means to be hand-made.


Our biggest challenge was finding the right land to support our dream. Tucked in the between the finest art galleries and wineries in Chautauqua County, nestled in Amish Country between the shores of Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake, we found our future home. 

We are dedicated to the following principles:

  • Lovingly caring for all the animals on the farm.  We are a No-Kill Farm. When an alpaca's fleece is no longer suitable for garments, it is used for rugs and felted items.  Once an animal joins our family they are cared for until they meet a natural end.
  • We do not take shortcuts. Yes, it is very labor intensive to process fiber into yarn and then to dye and weave it into a garment all by hand. We believe skills like spinning and weaving are gifts from our ancestors and should be cultivated. Our tools may be different, but our methods are the same.
  • Life long learning. Many of the things we do are considered "dying arts". We believe in learning as many as we can and sharing what we have learned with others. This ensures these self-sustaining skills will not be lost.